Five Faves From Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

This year marked the eighth edition of Clerkenwell Design Week and now houses more than 200 international brand within seven exhibition venues and more then 90 showrooms. This is one of the most important events on the global design calendar and is hosted across the whole of Clerkenwell; London’s premier design district.

Many brands chose to launch new products or open new show rooms during this period and the festival has more than 300 events over three days. We attend as many events as possible across the three days each year and here are the five things we enjoyed the most...

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Heath's Heavenly Studio

Hidden in the depths of East London between converted warehouses, builders scrap yards and rave locations lies the beautiful studio of Daniel Heath. An independent, award-winning wallpaper, textile and surface designer. Daniel was kind, and brave enough, to let us into his studio for an afternoon of screen-printing and sweating – turns out warehouses in the high of summer are quite the hot box!

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Graphic Blocks: Bronnley

Bronnley approached us to help design packaging for their new Eclectic Elements range. We knew that developing a visually arresting palette would be key to relaunching the iconic fragrances in the mind of modern beauty consumers and attract towards a savvy, fashion-conscious audience.

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Store Design // Shopfronts


Shopfronts are the most important aspect of store design, making the crucial difference between a customer coming in or walking on by. They act as a snapshot of the store, setting customer expectations for what lies inside. A well-maintained, attractive, eye-catching shopfront is essential to pique customer interest and drive footfall instore.

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Beyond Reveals: Store Design

We're excited to announce the launch of “Beyond Reveals: Store Design”, our new 10-part series showcasing the very best in retail design from around the world. Updated fortnightly, it’s a unique opportunity for you to get the inside track on how retailers are delivering the ultimate customer experience through best-in-class design, technology and customer service. So read on, have a look at what your competitors are doing and do get in touch with us for any new initiatives we can work together on.

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Must see: Big Bang Data

Last night we took a trip to see Big Bang Data, an exhibition exploring our digital footprint on the world. In a selfie-driven society you can’t help but wonder: where do all the discarded, less than ‘perfect’, selfies go? To a selfie graveyard? Well as Big Bang Data revealed, unnervingly yes, a graveyard accessible to anyone with enough tech skills. . .

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