Are you a disruptive brand?


When Chinese technology brand Mi arrived in the UK in November, it generated the longest queues ever experienced in Westfield London. This is a brand that you would think is unknown to most people in the UK.


Xiaomi, the $54 Billion Chinese tech brand has been opening Mi stores across Europe in 2018 and intends to continue expanding into the UK in 2019. Beyond designed and implemented the first UK flagship store in Westfield London, working with the Spanish and UK franchisee Mytech Retail.


Xiaomi products really have the ability to shake up the UK phone market. With prices so low, it may change our obsession with phone contracts where a phone is provided. We may start to see the benefits of buying our own phones outright and opting for the much cheaper SIM only route.


This, combined with the wide range of connected smart household products such as toothbrushes, kettles and scales, might just pull people away from their allegiances with other less exciting tech giants.


We need to see more ‘disruptive brands’ emerging in the UK. If retailers get off the fence, take a position and really go for it with their store designs and communication, just maybe we will all sit up and take note! 


22nd February 2019

Tags: branding retail design