The Culture of Calligraphy

Last week we swapped our mice for brushes, our computers for paper and dived headfirst into the inkpot of Calligraphy. Being a mixture of artists and designers there is some expectation that we would take to this like Picasso to a paintbrush.

This was however one of our more ‘challenging’ workshops. Our lovely hosts at Quill London were so patient and refrained from any hysterical outbursts at our initial attempts, but as the class went on we did (hurraahh!) all improve. We started with the basic form of each letter, (loosely) mastering each beautiful flourish and curve. We were building up our confidence, making a lot of mistakes, drinking tea and eating cake whilst scribing away.

Our final creative pieces were our chosen phrase or quote, cue some Pinterest-worthy inspirational quotes right here… 

28th June 2017 / Mel Burns