Festive Wreath Making @ Rebel Rebel


When its time to book another craft evening, any excuse to roll up our sleeves and get creative (and the mere mention of Prosecco) always has a big show of hands!

We ventured east to Rebel Rebel HQ, to get stuck into another floristry workshop - this time Christmas Wreath making! The girls at RR run a really in depth lesson on how to create your own all-natural wreath, starting with just a metal frame and a pile off wet, fresh-off-the-mountain moss.

Once this tightly-wound donut has been formed, you can then start to wrap leaves, twigs and sprigs around it with nothing but florists wire and some brute strength. We didn't stop there though - festive ornaments such as glittery pinecones, dried orange slices and berries were then added for that bit of decorative sparkle!

Thanks again to the girls at Rebel Rebel. Check out the other workshops they do throughout the year here, I have my eye on the week-long course in Tuscany..

13th December 2017 / Katie Lewis