Behind the Scenes: Tim Hortons New Sites

It looks like the iconic Canadian Tim Hortons brand may be winning over UK coffee lovers… even enough for fans to camp over night for a store opening!

The first Tim Hortons site in England and drive thru in the UK opened 3 days ago on Bury New Road, Manchester and we are thrilled to see it doing so well.

With a close team of architectural and interior designers, Beyond are able to head the design and construction side of the aggressive roll out. Inside, it is packed out with plenty of seating and décor that gives the desired “home from home” atmosphere to stay for that extra French vanilla coffee and donut.

With 8 sites already open in Glasgow and Manchester areas, a further 4 are due to open before the New Year. 

Here's some "behind the scenes" site visit shots just to show you the level of input needed just prior to a site opening!

Please get in touch if you would like to hear more about how we can roll our your store designs and be your brand guardians. 

22nd December 2017 / Laura Turner

Tags: Beyond Reveals